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Buy a dive knife before your next scuba diving adventure. Dive knives provide the diver with an excellent tool underwater and at the...
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Underwater dive torches can be vital, especially when deep diving or cave diving. We have a great selection of different brands available at...
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High quality and reliable dive computers from all the top brands at Diving Sports Canada. Wrist computer or console, lots of selection and...
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Bags and covers

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We carry a great selection of dive bags for local diving, dive bags for snorkeling, fins bags, speargun bags, dry bags, backpacks, mesh...
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Buoys and boards

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Freediving surface marker buoys are an essential piece of equipment for an open water dive. If you need a new buoys, boards, lifting...
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Diving Reels

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Do you like to explore underwater? Diving Sports Canada recommends using a reel so that you can always find your way home when...
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Slates and wet notes

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Scuba diving slates and wetnotes are an essential accessory for any diver, allowing divers to communicate without having to resort to confusing hand...
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