Oceanic Compass Bungee MT
• Large, easy-to-read bearing indicators • Attached bungee cord makes for easy rigging • High visibility lubber line • Direct and reciprocal index points • OceanGlo® luminescent backing • Large ratcheting bezel with top or side reading
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Cressi Compass w/ Strap and Hose Mount
The Cressi Compass with Strap and Hose Mount is a modern instrument that enables easy reading in all conditions. The magnetic compass card moves extensively in all directions, so that reading is accurate even if the instrument is not held...
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Scubapro 2 Gauge Console Imperial
The two most important dive data instruments in an ergonomic and compact console. Compact pressure gauge, 0-5000psi/0-345bar (Ø 2.1in) with brass case. Standard depth gauge 150ft/46m (Ø 2.5in) with maximum depth indicator (air-filled) or altitude adjustment. Console boot offers molded...
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XS Scuba Thin-Line SPG
Nickel-plated brass housing Durable, Lexan lens Airspool with Viton O-rings included Luminescent gauge face Wide 240º sweep from 0 to 5000 psi Metric version is from 0 to 400 bar HP hose is not included Manufactured in Italy
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Hollis 2″ Brass and Glass Pressure Gauge
The 2 inch Brass SPG is for the beginner or the most advanced technical divers. The Hollis 2 inch Brass SPG Comes with a Luminescent face plate with an operating range of 0 to 5000 PSI or even an option...
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Hollis Low-profile Brass SPG PSI
The new Low-Profile Brass SPG with scratch-resistant lens, high-contrast background, luminescent needle, low weight and small size allow for a more streamlined rigging and are ideal for stage and deco bottles. High-contrast black background and white markings Luminescent needle Standard...
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Oceanic SPG Swiv With Boot
Modular flexibility. The SWIV Pressure Gauge is an accurate and reliable submersible pressure gauge rated to 5,000 psi. • Boot included with SPG • Nitrox compatible to 50% • OceanGlo® luminescent backing • Shock resistant bourdon tube mechanism • Integrated...
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Oceanic Compass Wrist MT Swiv
• Large, easy-to-read bearing indicators • Secure watch strap. • High visibility lubber line • Direct and reciprocal index points • OceanGlo® luminescent backing • Large ratcheting bezel • Top or side reading.
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Oceanic Max Depth Swiv Combo
If you’re starting out or aren’t ready for the added complications of a full-on dive computer, the Max Depth 2-Gauge Combo Dive Console is extremely dependable. The modular design lets you to readily swap out the depth gauge module with...
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Oceanic Max Depth Swiv 2 Navcon
Offering a clear display and tons of functionality, the Swiv 2 Navcon is easy to read and includes three gauges in one console. • Non-linear depth scale is easier to read in shallow depths. • OceanGlo® luminescent backing • 200...
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Scubapro Pressure Gauge Imperial
The smallest metal pressure gauge in the SCUBAPRO line. Ultra-compact brass case, offering psi from 0-5000 in 100psi increments Compact pressure gauge with a brass case. Displays pressure 0-5000psi Comes with a rubber boot and HP hose.
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Cressi Mini SPG Imperial
Features • Small and Compact • High Quality Instrument • Small, Modern Shaped Boot • 0 to 5000 psi Readout • Chrome Plated Brass Case
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