Bcd jackets

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Shop our huge selection of Bcd jackets! Personalize the performance of your BCD with intuitive accessories that match your needs and style. If...
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Suits and complements

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Shop our huge selection of Suits and complements at Diving Sports Canada. If you need a new Dry suits, Gloves, Hoods, Rash guards,...
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Weight systems

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A secure weight belt or weight harness is a critical safety item for any diver. If you need a new belts, harness, weights,...
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Masks and snorkels

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Diving Sports Canada Shop has a wide variety of masks and snorkels; colors, size, and shapes. You are sure to find one that...
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Fins and Blades

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Looking for the very best fins for your scuba diving, snorkeling, freediving and spearfishing ? Diving Sports Canada has diving fins & flippers...
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At Diving Sports Canada we carry a great selection of analogue and digital scuba gauges for monitoring pressure, depth and bottom time. If...
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We carry a great selection of Regulators for divers of every experience level from recreational to technical, primary to secondary regulators. If you...
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Accessories Scuba

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Browse our huge range of scuba diving accessories online today at discounted prices. If you need a new knives, computers, torches, bags, covers,...
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