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Divemaster Training Program

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    • $999.95

Why train with us?

  • Low student to instructor ratios : 3 or 4 students per instructor both in the pool and ocean

  • Our retail store is located downtown.

  • Diving courses available all year-round. Private courses available.

  • We teach children 10 years and older.

  • Passionate team of Instructors and Divemasters who love to teach.

Diving Sports is proud to be a full education facility. We offer a full range of courses from introductions for first time divers all the way to professional and technical levels. Your first step into the professional diving world is a very important one. We believe with the right mentorship and education, our Divemasters will go on to inspire the next generation of scuba divers through safe practices, conscientious environmental dive practices, and enthusiasm for the underwater world.

We know that becoming a Divemaster takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and we want to reflect that in how we run our training programs. We are also very passionate about the quality of training all customers receive. As a Divemaster you will be representing Diving Sports, the training agency, and the dive industry as a whole. We will ask that all Divemaster Candidates fill out a small application and come in for an informal interview with our head instructor prior to beginning the training program.

What is a Divemaster?

A Divemaster is the first step into professional dive training. You are now a part of the worldwide family that gives lessons, training, and advice to new and experienced Scuba Divers. As a Divemaster you may conduct Scuba Refresher programs and lead guided fun dives for certified divers, while getting paid for it! Many Divemasters wish to travel or work part time, and many wish to work full time in the industry and become certified instructors. The Divemaster Training Program is the first step in achieving your goals.

What is Expected of a Divemaster?

Diving Sports knows that once a Divemaster is certified they are representing our industry both while working and while pleasure diving. We take pride in the quality of our divemasters and make sure their goals and ideals align with what we believe makes a great dive professional. Safety is an absolute must at Diving Sports, and a Divemaster’s attitude and actions must reflect that. You will also learn about professional role model behaviour, among all the necessary qualities a great Divemaster must have, and we empress highly upon our trainees to represent themselves and us to the best of their ability.

How long is the Training Program?

The Divemaster program is longer than most other courses because there is so much to learn going from a student and recreational diver to a dive professional. Throughout the course you will choose one of our experienced instructors to be your mentor throughout your training. Your mentor will guide you through the training process and help you learn at every stage of the process. There are a lot of practical requirements along with the Divemaster course, so typically it will take candidates somewhere between 1 month - 3 months if they have lots of availability and have a lot of flexibility in their schedule. It is common in Vancouver that Divemasters take longer to finish their training depending on how much extra training and assisting they do and what each individual’s schedule is like.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Rescue Diver Certification
  • Current First Aid & CPR Training
  • Minimum of 40 logged ocean dives to start, minimum of 60 logged dives required for certification.
  • Deep Diver Specialty and Search and Recovery recommended, but not required.

  • What's Included:

  • All eLearning material required for the course.
  • All training in-water, both confined and ocean.
  • All necessary class sessions for theory review.
  • Professional Liability Insurance (only for Divemasters working through Diving Sports)

  • What is Not Included?

  • Application Fees to the training agency for certification
  • Professional Membership Fees after certification
  • Equipment

  • Rental Equipment Package

    Since the Divemaster Training Program requires you to be diving A LOT and we know that not all divers own everything required, we do offer a special rental package to Divemaster Candidates. We include all the basic equipment in the drysuit package for 350$ for 4 months or the end of the training, whichever comes first. Personal equipment such as mask, computer, SMB, etc. all must be owned.

    Commitment to Safety and Enjoyment

    At Diving Sports we believe in making sure all our students receive the highest quality instruction and customer service. We are in the business of training, mentoring, and supporting students to become safe, skillful and confident divers. We begin by scheduling our courses with the number of classes it typically takes most students to master the knowledge and skills, then adapt and tailor our schedule to fit our individual student’s needs. Our instructors are open and honest about your progress during each part of the course. Students may need to schedule additional pool or ocean training dives prior to certification. This ensures our students complete their courses with all the skills and knowledge they need to be safe and enjoy their future dives and courses. When you take a course with Diving Sports, you are welcomed into a passionate and inclusive community of divers eager to support your diving journey well beyond the duration of your class.

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